About Us

Well Really,   It’s About You…..

Welcome to Ganga Flow Yoga in Milford, Connecticut, lovingly called “The Little Yoga Studio.”  When we opened in 2012, we never wanted to be a huge studio, herding in students, class after class. 

Yes, our studio has grown over the years, but it’s remained personal and friendly.  For us, it’s always been about creating a community, practicing together and having fun.


With today’s technology, we can all put on a DVD or download a class and practice – alone.  But without the watchful eye of a teacher, do we ever really know if our alignment is working with us or against us.

Our amazing teachers have spent many hours training and practicing and want to help you get the most out of your practice.  They put together interesting sequences and great playlists designed to move you both physically and emotionally.  But when the moment calls for it, they also know when to stop, be silent and allow for reflection.



The Studio is beautiful space with a batik of the Goddess Ganga on one wall, signifying evolution and cleansing of karma and Ganesha, Remover of obstacles, on another.  Even if you don’t follow these philosophies, the studio feels like a sanctuary – a place to embrace your body, your mind and your spirit.  A place to breathe.

Our Mission

Having seen what practicing Yoga can do, it is our mission to bring the highest quality yoga classes and programs to people of all ages and abilities.  This we do in our non-competitive environment where respect to the individual’s needs is what matters.  Giving you the opportunity to explore through love, compassion and patience, your personal growth both on the mat and off.

Our Classes

When you check out our schedule, you will see that we offer a variety of classes.  We hope you will find one that meets your needs.  

Our Gentle Classes are great if you are just beginning or want a slower-paced class.  These classes are open to all and you will find them to be more stretch than strength oriented.

Mixed Level/Vinyasa Classes are more challenging than Gentle.  Also open to all,  these classes include interesting sequencing,  moving from one posture to the next, with a balance between stretch and strength.

Hot Vinyasa Practice Classes are done in a heated room 85 – 90 degrees.  Prior yoga experience is recommended as these hot yoga classes are physically challenging.   But if you want a good sweat, these are the classes for you.


Our Community

Simply,  THE MOST WONDERFUL PEOPLE make up our community.