New to Yoga

  1. What to wear?

    Loose comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement.

  2. Eating and Drinking?

    It is not advisable to eat right before a yoga practice.  So try not to eat 1-2 hours before class.  If you need to eat, please eat foods that are easily digested.  Drink small amounts of water before class and bring a water bottle into class for small sips during class if necessary.

  3. Arrive to class on time?

    The first time you come to class you will have to fill out a waiver form so please allow time for that.  After that, all classes start on time, please arrive so that you have time to sign in and set up your mat before class starts.

  4. Turn off your cell phone?

    Yes, I know this sounds extreme for some people, but please be courteous and turn your mobile off.

  5. Let your teacher know if you are working with any injuries?

    So that modifications/props can be suggested during class.


Be Patient with yourself and have FUN!  You are in for an AMAZING JOURNEY