We have many different pricing for class packages so that you can choose what works best for you.

The first time you come to Ganga Flow Yoga, you might want to purchase our “Special.”  You pay $15.95 for your first class and get your second class free.  This is only available the first-time you come to the studio.

After that, there are different class packages:  Class Cards and a Monthly subscription.  Our class cards, 3, 5, or 12 classes.  As of 10/22/16 all new BOGO’s and class cards have a 6 month expiration.

We also offer a Monthly subscription, which allows you to come as many times as you want during the month’s term.  And another great thing about our Monthlies is that we do not automatically charge you after your month has expired.  We do not keep your credit cards on file.

Options       Per Class          Price w/tax
Special BOGO       2 for 1         $  15.95
Drop In       $15.00         $  15.95
3  Classes       $14.00/ea         $  44.67
5  Classes       $13.00/ea         $  69.13
10 Classses       $12.50/ea         $133.00
Monthly        Unlimited         $105.29
Senior/Student       Per Class          Price w/tax
Special BOGO       2 for 1         $  14.36
Drop In       $13.50         $  14.36
3  Classes       $12.50/ea         $  40.20
5  Classes       $11.70/ea         $  62.21
10 Classses       $11.21/ea         $119.75
Monthly        Unlimited         $ 94.76